Delivered from Hell, Destined for Heaven - Jean Lim, Kuala Lumpur, 1978

One day, as I was chanting, I saw myself going down to hell. It dawned upon me that every good deed I thought I was doing to erase my sins - chanting, visiting old folks homes yearly, bringing converts to my religion - was futile because I was slipping into hell anyway. It was as real as watching a scene on television. I felt oppressed and began to see all my sins played out before me daily. I did not know at the time that it was really God convicting me of my sins because so much prayer had been made for me. ... view full testimony >>>

Healed Of Nose Cancer - Kenny Foo Yoon Kee, Pahang, 1993

In June 1993, treatment began on my left eye. After giving me many uncomfortable tests, the doctor discovered that the tumour was actually sitting in the nose area and not near the eye. By this time, I was getting weak and losing a lot of weight. I had been to many specialists, taken a lot of Chinese herbs and prayed to many idols. I had spent a lot of money because of my sickness. But I was given even worse news: the tumour from the nose had spread to the eye, the brain and the throat. Now I understood better the throbbing pain I had first encountered in the late 1980's. The doctors declared my condition hopeless and gave me three months to live. ... view full testimony >>>

Delivered From Demonic Possession and Healed Of Colon Cancer - Alice Lee, Melaka, 1994

One thing after another began to manifest as the Lord delivered me from all the evil things that I had allowed into my life, especially during those backslidden years. As God cleansed me through a massive deliverance, I vomited stuff in all kinds of colours - eventually 30 bags full! ....... One year later, I was diagnosed as having colon cancer. When I was first hospitalised, I did not even know that I had cancer. After what I had been through, my parents did not want me to fear. They only told me that there was a growth in my large intestine and I needed to be operated on because my stomach bloated like a balloon. ... view full testimony >>>

Living the Kingdom Life - Eugene Hoe, Melbourne, February 2002

"He was suspected to be down with meningococcal meningitis ... I couldn't believe what I was hearing. One of the doctors from our church came to visit and I asked him if the hospital would operate on Eugene without our permission. He said that if there was the possibility of death occurring within a few minutes, they would go ahead with the surgery even if there were no family members present to give consent. I knew then that we had to have someone with Eugene round-the-clock, to pray and intercede on his behalf, and also to prevent any surgery from taking place. Not wanting to cause much of a scene, I prayed that the Lord would give us a window of time during which we could pray and have Eugene walk out of the hospital without surgery." - Eugene's wife ... view full testimony >>>

Restoration of Eyesight - Brother Krishnan, Johor Bahru, June 2002

I met with an accident in February 1998 and ever since then, I couldn't see anything until June 14th 2002. My daughter could testified that I was a blind man. I went through laser treatments for a few times. After some time, the doctor concluded that my eyesight could never be restored again and that I was completely blind. I went for the Jesus Heals Crusade on the 14th June 2002. Pastor Jean prayed for me and I laid down for a while. To my surprise, when I opened my eyes, I could actually see people standing in front of me. ... view full testimony >>>

Experiencing the Power of God - Alan Yap, Singapore

I felt the engulfing of the Holy Spirit and I immediately fell onto the ground. My body started to tremble intensely and I started to see my sinful life, played before my eyes. I started to cry as I feel so ashamed of myself in God's presence. The trembling was so bad that I thought God would not forgive me and was going to take my life. I called out to God for his forgiveness and mercy. Then I had a vision of myself, lying on the ground. I saw that my whole body was transparent, like plain drinking water except for my heart, that was red and beating very fast. And then I felt the peace of God and experienced His love for me. I thought to myself how much God loves me. Even though I had rebelled against Him and led a very sinful life, yet He is willing to accept me back into His Kingdom and I really thank Him. ... view full testimony >>>

Restored to life from severe car accident - Lim Lip Kun, Tawau, February 2004

This is the testimony of Lim Lip Kun from Tawau who met with a severe car accident in December 2003. His body was damaged to the extent that the doctors declared him hopeless and could do no further treatment on him. Brought to Prayer House Kuala Lumpur in February 2004 and subsequently to Semarak Revival Centre at Nilai, his body was healed and his life restored by the mighty hand of Jesus Christ. ... view full testimony >>>

The spoken Word of God brings healing - Faith Boey, Shah Alam, February 2010

Day by day, bit by bit, the bone went in. Eventually, the bone that had struck out so horribly before was not there anymore. They saw the power of God's word at work. Just through the speaking of the truth of His word, the broken bones joines back. Almost 3 months later, her arm was completely healed... view full testimony >>>

Survived after motorbike accident, healed of broken ribs - Fred Tan, Nilai, January 2011

At 10.00pm on 24 January 2011, I was riding my bike to have supper when I met with an accident. The road had no street lights and it was quite dark. As I had to make a right turn, I first looked behind me. When I looked forward again, I saw the road divider right in front of me and smashed straight into it. Even though I was not travelling very fast, I flew off the bike and over the divider. I landed heavily on my right shoulder and was immediately in great pain. All I could do was cry out, "Yeshua, help me!" ...view full testimony >>>

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